In 30 to 60 days

I can be healthier–or I can be the same.

Wait. There is no “same.” There’s only better–or worse. The body is either in a state of growth–or in a state of decay. There is no “staying the same.”

I need a plan.

And I need a way to measure my progress.

The idea is to focus on just me and my health–and forget about any side businesses or hustle or increased hours at work or new household projects or anything until I’ve got something of a handle on my health.

It doesn’t matter that I have done things like this before only to let them go. It doesn’t matter that 30 to 60 days isn’t enough to solve anything. Nothing matters but focus.

The Plan:

  1. Plan my meals. It is so much easier to eat well when I know what I am going to eat–and I have what I need in the house! I am also going to research and include more anti-inflammatory foods into my diet.
  2. Low-impact aerobics 3 to 5x a week. This can be a walk outside or a bona fide work out. At this stage forming the habit (to be added after my morning meditation) is more important than type, duration or intensity .
  3. Stay soul-centered. So, continue with my morning routine. Morning pages, reading, meditation.
  4. Drink one full water bottle (24 ounces) every two hours at work.
  5. Sleep at least 8 hours a night.


The Metrics:

Waist to height ratio*:

According to the Healthy Weight Forum which takes my age into account:

Your  My Height to Waist ratio is:

You are I am above the 0.50 limit.
Losing 14.2 in off your my waist will lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke

Scale Weight: (Last weigh in, August 1, 2016) 270.4 lbs

Pain Scale. I am often wakened in the morning by a stray noise or light or something. Immediately, I am aware of the pain in my hips and it is often too severe to allow me to go back to sleep. I will keep a pain diary beside the bed and record my perceived pain on a scale from 1 to 10 each morning.

# of times I’ve exercised in a week. My goal is 3 to 5x in a week. It would be easier to do it every day, but I will not expect it of myself on days I am required to work more than seven hours. I walk a punishing five miles (or more) those days already in steel toed boots on concrete floors.


What would count as having a good handle on my health in 30 days? in 60?



  • Why waist to height ratio is a better indicator than BMI for the risks of  high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke is in many articles on the web. I’m linking to this one  from Medical News Today for convenience.