The Failed Crunch Test


It was dismal. As was to be expected.

First, I was lucky to find a fitness test I could do here at home at all. I found this one at Spark People. There are four tests in total.

The Push Up Test. One minute of push ups. They advise you to use the modified position which I did. I surprised myself with this one.Considering the last time I did a push up it was off of the wall, I was pleased.

How many? 16.

The Crunch Test. One minute of crunches–with your hands down by your sides! You have to move your hands six inches forward with each crunch or it doesn’t count. I tried. My daughter, who was watching to see whether my fingers reached the mark (the rular above) said I got about half way. But I couldn’t do it. I think my stomach is just too bulky.

How many? 0

The 3 Minute Step Test. This is supposed to be done on a 12 inch step to the beat of a metronome set at 96. I had to modify it, of course. Not only would my knees have died, but my stairs here at home are only eight inches high. It’s enough. The test measures the rate at which your heart recovers after the exercise.

How many?  118 beats per minute.

The One Mile Walk Test. A long, long time ago, I started a free on-line fitness program which had me do this test as well. So, I already have a route measured out. It’s not quite flat, but it’s right outside my door and the sidewalks are usually passable in winter. Good enough. The idea is to walk one mile as fast as you can.

How long? 16:59

The great thing about tests like these is that you can only get better, right?

This is like the “before” picture of my functional fitness. In thirty days, we’ll see how well I’ve improved.