How do I forget this fabulous feeling?

One half hour of moderate, brisk low impact aerobics which works both my arms and legs, front wards and backwards is AWESOME.


God, I love it!

I almost didn’t do it.

I woke up late, after close to 11 hours of sleep (yes, again. I am trying hard to see this as a good thing, to frame it as “my body must need healing,” and not as sheer bone laziness). Chris and I went to my Mom’s to take out her garbage, then we had to run a couple of errands. Once we got home, I heated up some lunch, finished up my meal planning,  put my son in charge of making dinner and set off to do the grocery shopping. It was past six-thirty by the time I made it home. The grocery store was a challenge, especially the baking area. I was pretty hungry by this point and the store was out of Lara bars. (I’d checked.)

Thank heavens supper was just coming out of the oven as I came in the door. For dessert, I had a small serving of incredibly rich yogurt ( 11%! I’ve never seen that before in my life!) and fruit and waited. I kept checking in with how I felt and whether the thought of working out made me feel slightly nauseous or not.

I was reading Lift.


And I just sort of started to yearn to sweat. My husband stepped away from the TV to finish up a project outside, and checking with my innards as I changed into work out togs, I popped in my video faster than you can say “Greeks tied off their foreskins before working out naked in the gymnasion.” (I keep trying to imagine what that looked like and decided not to google it.)

I caught sight of myself a few times in the now-black glass peaking through the curtains. I felt like that children’s illustration of an elephant in a tutu on her tippy toes. I felt about as graceful,too.

Goals, people.

It was challenging. I haven’t worked out since I did The Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Exercises three days ago. (Meantime I was working which is an altogether different sort of workout.) I worked my butt off.

Then I took a shower.

And, now I feel like a million bucks.