Hey there.

October 2, 2016

Let’s get right to it.

Sept 2:

  • Weight: 268.6
  • Waist: 50″
  • Hips: 58″

Oct 2:

  • Weight: 262.2 (-6.4 lbs)
  • Waist: 48″ (-2″)
  • Hips: 56″ (-2″)


Here’s the thing: I don’t think I have ever lost weight so slowly before in my life. I don’t know what to think. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Various things I’ve read have indicted that the rate of weight loss makes no difference to how successfully you maintain that loss.  I’d think a slow loss has to be good for the skin’s elasticity, though.


I exercised at least 3x a week.

I am doing yoga twice a week and one of either a 2 mile low impact aerobic workout with a Leslie Sansone video or my beginner’s body weight workout. I would actually like to do one more of each of these last two each week. I really enjoy the videos (or a walk outside). As for the body weight exercises, I truly think I need another session during the week in order to see any significant progress. I feel like I’m starting out at square one each time I begin–but I have been improving each session, so perhaps the lack of improvement is all in my head!

On the yoga front, today was the first day the endomorphins kicked in. Hooray! I just feel silly happy–even still, three hours after class! I am signing up for the same beginner’s class again when this one ends. I may do this until the end of time. I’m in no rush.



I am using the Calm app and I love it. I meditated 23x and I never missed more than two days in a row.



I didn’t track it for September. Now that the days are shorter and the nights longer, I find myself wanting to sleep more. I am going to aim for 9 hours a night. I know. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? But wouldn’t it be glorious?

The biggest impediment to a good night’s sleep, of course, has been the pain in my hips. Four days ago, I can across the recommendation to take 30 grams of fish oil in liquid form every day to help with inflammation. (It’s about a tablespoon and a half.) And since I started, I’ve had hardly any pain in my hips. I am going to continue this for a couple of weeks altogether and then cut the dose in half. Cross your fingers for me that this will do the trick.



Ah, here it is. A month ago, I thought it would be impossible to eat my weight in good, wholesome food. I now know that’s naive. I also know that it is quite possible to abuse rich dark chocolate (especially if it is mixed with sea salt) just like I used to do with nasty potato chips or those gigantic cinnamon buns (with icing).

my kryptonite

I am not sure exactly what I am going to do. I am still unwilling to count calories. I am not ready to weigh and measure my food. I tried photographing and recording it but that’s hard to do when I have to eat in the lunch room at work. (I don’t have a cell phone.)

I am thinking about two changes I am willing to make.

  1. Slow down my eating. I need to look up how to do this and figure out what that phrase actually means, and
  2. Eat until I am 80% full.


Books Read:

This is an awesome book on the history of exercise and fitness, starting with, yes, the Spartans. When I’m able to get it back from the library I want to review it further.

This fellow–an amateur fitness trainer when he started was so earnest. He put on 75 lbs in order to lose it so he could better understand the struggles his clients feel when they lose weight. But if you read it closely, you realise his struggle was all with his weight gain–losing it was a breeze.  The whole thing seems to have helped his business, however.

This medical doctor began asking her patients to eat according to Ayurvedic principles and practices as part of their care. As they did so, she noticed they lost weight “without even trying.” I considered following her approach–but it does involve quite a few expensive “supplements” so I may wait until I hit a serious plateau.

A Canadian registered dietitian, Desiree has written an excellent book on what we know about good nutrition to date. It is an excellent resource and her recipes are amazing.


In Sum:

All things considered, I am feeling pretty good about this first month. Yes, the weight loss could be quicker….it is so hard to accept that it has taken me a month to do what others have done in a week! Heck–what I’ve done in a week in times past. But this is a journey that will take as long as it takes. I re-read bits of Yoni Freedhoff’s book Diet Fix this month too. His take on your “best weight” is that it is

whatever weight you reach while living the healthiest life you honestly enjoy. (p. 57)

My goal is to be at my “best weight” every single day, really, no matter what the number is. (Though, downward trending = honest enjoyment, obviously.)