In my last post, I mentioned I was going to pay Precision Nutrition a lot of money to coach me through 2017 to lose weight. I had the opportunity to do that yesterday–and I took it. With gusto.

And I’ve an assignment already. I need to answer four questions. They are excellent questions.

  1. What is it I really want to achieve in going through P.N. Coaching?
  2. Why haven’t you achieved your goals already? What’s blocking you?
  3. What awesome things might happen to you if you did make progress?
  4. What specific things will show you you’re on track?


Here is the first one.

  1. What is it I really want to achieve in going through P.N. Coaching?

I need to tell a story. A long time ago, I dated a man who was one of seven or eight children. He told me that when his Mom taught her children to walk, she would hold their hands to help them. After a little while of this, she would grab a pencil and tell her child to hang on to it as well. This would go on until one day, when the child wasn’t paying attention, she would let go of the pencil. So while I want PN to hold my hand, I also want them to pick up a pencil…and then let it go.

So when I let go of the pencil: I want to have practiced –and made automatic– all those steps I need to learn to become and stay a person who is slender, active, pain-free and healthy. Does that make sense?  There are habits–of mind as well as body– that need to be cultivated and nurtured in order for me to be that strong and vital woman I want to become. There are behaviours and practices that I need to implement to be that person–and those behaviours, practices, habits will be what maintains that person, too. So, my focus is not the end result but the process itself–because the process is the practice of the rest of my life. Right? There is no beginning and no end to this.

I’ll deal with the second one tomorrow.