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and some of my beliefs about food…..

  1. I refuse to call out any food as good or bad.
  2. I refuse to feel shame for any food I eat.
  3. I love food.
  4. I especially love food that is calorie dense.(Fat + sugar….yum!)
  5. But I don’t like store bought cake…even expensive cake. The texture is too light…it’s like eating air.
  6. I  love food with complex flavours and textures.
  7. I like soft, dense food like oatmeal more than soft, thin foods like applesauce.
  8. Squash, sweet potato and yams are really sweet. So is curry.
  9. Biggest surprise of all? I like a touch of heat.
  10.  I eat too much at meals.
    1.  I am afraid too much time will pass before I will be able to have my next meal and I will be hungry
    2. I like to feel full. But, since I’ve been doing the Mindful Eating exercises, I’ve noticed I am often over-full. Uncomfortably full.
  11. I eat because it is time to eat.
  12. I hate feeling hungry. I hate waiting to feel hungry. But actually,  feeling twinges of hunger aren’t all THAT bad—I dislike it all out of proportion to the actual experience. I don’t know what’s up with that.