In the end, what we want, what we all want is to

be healthy, pain-free and physically capable.

Love that. Here is what that looks like for me.


I want to be able to get down and then back up off the floor without support. I can just sort of do it, by getting into a lunge position, but it is tough. As well, I recently re-twisted my ankle getting up off the floor. I must be more capable of daily movement than that!

Climbing the stairs is also a challenge requiring both hands to support me. I want to head to bed carrying up my book and a water with ease.

Work involves a great deal of walking in steel toed books (inflexible soles) on a concrete floor. After four hours I am usually limping and exhausted. I want to be able to go to work for an eight hour shift and then come home and do a work out. I  need to improve my stamina significantly.

I need to improve my strength. After ten weeks in yoga this fall, I had to quit. I hated doing that. But once the class picked up pace from “beginner” to “normal,” I just could not keep up–especially with all the rearranging of the props I need to do to be supported with each move. I began to injure myself every class, so I stopped. But I’d like to be able to go back in six months or so.

The pain in my hips is sending back echoes. I am beginning to feel it again, ever so slightly. Fortunately, it’s not interfering with my sleep like it did last summer. Even though a doctor diagnosed arthritis, I think it was because after being at my job for hours, I would come home and sit at the computer for hours and hours and not move. At all. Once I started moving more (and losing a bit of weight) the pain subsided.


I feel old. I don’t want to live in fear of injury and pain. (I don’t yet, but If this keeps up, I will.) I’d like to ride a bike to work. (about 5 miles.) I’d like to be able to go on hikes and climb mountains. (We live five hours from Jasper National Park.) I don’t want to go to a nursing home, but live in my own home right up to the last second.

I love my home…I hate institutions. I love living by myself..or with my immediate family…I haven’t lived with other people since second year undergrad. The very idea of having to choose to live in a place based on criteria that doesn’t include aesthetics fills me with horror. That’s not hyperbole. My great grandmother lived to 102. She stayed in her own home (with someone who came in to help her every day) until the last six months of her life. I want that, too, without the last six months bit.

The PN Coaching year-long class began today. My first action was to find and make an appointment with a family doctor.