This showed up in a facebook feed. Obviously, the caption is only partially correct. Genetics (and luck, good or bad) can also play a significant role in how our futures unfold.


This was my homework from PN today. Ask a “why” question and then dig down deep. Ask “why?” four more times until you get to the root reason, the one that is in line with your values.

Level 1: Why are you doing PN Coaching?

Because I want help to change my life to be one that supports a healthy and permanent 100 pound weight loss.

Level 2: Why is that reason for doing PN Coaching important to you?

  1. There are so many changes that need to happen in order to make that weight loss goal a reality that I need help figuring out which ones are those core fundamental changes: whether in my thoughts and beliefs or my habits and behaviours. I also want support for making those changes.
  2. I want to lose 100 pounds because it will be easier to move and, I imagine, I will have less pain. (Though obviously there’s no guarantee. I have a great-aunt, as thin as a rail who suffers from arthritis. My grandmother, also trim and active all her life suffered from debilitating osteoporosis in her spine. Ironically, my own mother, who battled her weight all her life became thin just as her COPD worsened. Her teeth, stomach and legs also now cause tremendous problems.)

Level 3: And why is that important?

  1. It’s important to be efficient with my efforts to change, i.e., making sure I make those essential and important changes because I don’t have forever. I am getting old. It’s important for me to have a coach because a coach 1) believes I can change, 2) believes it is important for me to change 3) keeps me on track with making those changes. She will believe the effort is worthwhile even when I don’t.
  2. Why is it important to have less pain? Well obviously, it makes life more enjoyable. But as I’ve mentioned before, my independence could be at stake here.

Level 4: And what kind of difference will that make?

  1. Having this kind of support can be the difference between success and failure for me.
  2. My independence and personal freedom to live my life as I see fit is of paramount importance to me.

Level 5: And why does that matter?

And so here we are: success matters because a body one hundred pounds slimmer will allow me to continue to be the fiercely independent person I really am.