Did you know there are actually three kinds of fat?

And that it has many ways to fight you to stick around in its neutral palette of brown, beige and white?

It’s really quite fascinating. I bought The Secret Life of Fat by Sylvia Tara at Indigo late Sunday afternoon. I finished it late Tuesday night. (And, I went to work, twice!)

There’s a lot of information in this book: but the most compelling aspect of the book is its tone. She treats fat as a worthy adversary. Like any wily enemy (and, oh has fat its many tricksy and sneaky ways) it needs to be known and reckoned with and fought with all the tools she can discover.

This book has brought together all the different bits of things I’ve read here and there about fat and the gut biome and hormones and epigenetics and intermittent fasting and why, exactly why, exercise is so helpful.

Did you know your fat can make more of itself. Yes. Your fat is responsible for creating more fat. Horrifying. Fat can be protective. Did you know it is tied to your immune system? In fact, in obese individuals, up to 50% of  their fat consists of immune cells. Fat can also build its own blood supply. Crazy.

In a particularly fascinating chapter, Dr. Tara talks about how a virus…yes a virus…may very possibly cause individuals to become fat –and remain fat in spite of great effort.

Each chapter begins with an anecdote about a person and then delves into the research. It makes for an exciting read.

My only quibble with the book is that it is quite light on mental strategies to overcome the fat-driven biological diabolical urge to eat once you lose a particular amount of weight. From her account of her own struggle, it seems she used a combination of distraction techniques and white knuckling it.

Here’s a link to the podcast with Dr. Tara that whetted my appetite for the book.

Good stuff.