I know, it is the middle of March, already, but I want to take a quick look back at a great month.


Feb 1

  • weight: 255.8 lbs
  • waist: 47″
  • hips: 55 1/4″

March 1

  • weight: 243.4 lbs (-12.4 lbs)
  • no measurements taken



I worked out five times every week. P.N. coaching gives me three guided walking meditation workouts each week of about 10 to 15 minutes a session. I attended aquafit one evening a week. The other “work out” varied from an actual workout with a Leslie Sansone video or a walk outside (known in P.N. parlance as “active recovery” rather than a “workout.”)


According to my Calm app, I meditated 21 times in 28 days.

I felt great in February. I made excellent progress–12 pounds! 12 whole freaking pounds in one month! Unbelievable.


This month, I continued with a five minute habit of my own (taking 1 tablespoon of fish oil a day plus Vitamin D3 with calcium and acidophilous tablets).

This month I was introduced to Eating Slowly and Eating to 80% full. P.N. calls these foundational habits. As you can see, those two habits alone–without changing my diet in any way–caused a twelve pound weight loss. Twelve!

On March 1st, I wrote:

 I am so excited for a new month–this one in particular ’cause no matter how much snow we get, Spring is just around the corner, no matter what!

I love my workouts–even though they can be annoying and challenging. I love my new habits, even though I feel like I have to re-learn how to eat slowly now that we’re eating only when we are hungry and only to 80% full. I love my [PN] Coach.

My big fat stomach has lost its smooth roundness and is actually beginning to get some definition. MY 50 inch stomach! I feel different. I feel “skinny.” But that big fat woman in the mirror usually looking back at me doesn’t look quite so big.

Most of all, I finally feel like I am doing the best I can for the life I want to live. And it’s just not that hard. That’s really surprising.

I can’t wait for the rest of the year with PN.