My “gym” in March.

A dismal month. Let’s get to it.


March 1

  • weight: 243.4 lbs (-12.4 lbs)
  • no measurements taken

April 1

  • weight: 242.6 (-0.8 lbs)
  • waist: 46″
  • hips: 53″


With the exception of one particularly cold and miserable week, I worked out 5 times out of 7 every week: either aquafit (but only 3x all month), walks outside, or my PN walk. That cold and miserable week (negative double digits! with snow!) I went for my P.N. walk only once. I could have exercised inside–but I went on strike.


Here is where I really fell down. I meditated 8 times, in total, all month. Eight times! Looking at that–and looking at my lack of weight loss, I am strongly tempted to say that that the lack of one caused the other to be lacking. It seems intuitively obvious to me. Meditation helps alleviate stress–and studies have shown that chronic stress makes it extremely difficult to lose weight–especially when one is a middle-aged woman.


  1. Eat lean protein at every meal and snack. One significant change I made was to switch up one of my snacks at work from cashews and an apple to a hard boiled egg and a clementine. I’ve also been experimenting with different cottage cheese and fruit combos. My favourite is cottage cheese with an apple, cinnamon and maple syrup. I admit I am struggling with the whole “lean” aspect of this protein thing.
  2. Eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day. A serving of veggies is the size of your fist, and for fruit, it’s a cupped hand. I have absolutely no difficulty with this, though it does take a bit of planning.

What is tricky with these two habits is incorporating them into the structure of eating slowly to 80% full. The last week of March saw me suddenly “get” how small my meals actually need to be if I want to eat more than twice a day.

Now it is a matter or remembering to take about half of what (I think) I want to eat.

I’m sure this is something I will continue to figure out –it will change as my body changes– it will change as I get smaller and stronger.

April is a new month –and just like the season– a whole new beginning. My long-term goal is to be independent in my old age. It is to be fully alive and strong and completely capable of looking after myself in my own home until the day I die.

And how I am going to get that done is to do all my PN lessons, my workouts and my habits. I will do my best to get used to the idea that growth only happens outside my comfort zone. That being uncomfortable is a good thing–growing pains are “good” pain.

And I am going to to meditate every single day. Definitely meditate.